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Happy Hours Cottage

William Miner returned to Chazy a decade after inheriting his Uncle John’s farm. William lived with his aunt and uncle following the deaths of his parents. While he enlarged the old homestead for himself and his wife Alice, he also renovated a nearby home, named Happy Hours, for his aging Aunt Huldah. Today the house is privately owned and can be seen in the distance beyond the pasture.

Happy Hours also bordered on the one-million-gallon reservoir built as a water storage facility for the farm. Storm drains throughout the farm collected rainwater from roofs and sent it to the reservoir via underground piping. Freshwater springs were tapped if the water level became too low. This was all part of a fire protection system connected to hydrants and pumping stations. In winter, the ice that formed on the reservoir’s surface was cut and stored in the Ice House to keep perishables from spoiling in the warmer weather.


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