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Hustle and Bustle on the Farm

The main farm complex of dozens of buildings grew with amazing speed. The long barn on the right of the barnyard was constructed in 1906. It took thousands of hours of manual labor to complete this one building within that year. Silos and storage buildings were erected at the far end of this 300-foot long by 45-foot-wide structure to hold hay and other grains for feeding livestock. In use for many decades as a dairy barn, this building is now Miner Institute’s Horse Barn and can be seen directly behind you.

The barnyard area was always a center of activity. Workers could be found here any time of the year, doing tasks needed to keep the farm operating—from bringing in wagons of firewood to weighing wagonloads of grain on the storehouse scales, from milking cows to making boxes for shipping Heart’s Delight Farm produce to the fanciest northeast hotels. Bounded by the Dairy Barn on the right and the Storehouse on the left, this was a bustling scene in the early days of Heart’s Delight Farm.


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