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Heart of the Farm

Upon the knoll ahead sat Heart’s Delight Cottage, the home of William H. and Alice T. Miner. The Cottage was built over the original farmhouse erected by William’s grandfather Clement in the 1820s. The old home and barn were what Mr. Miner called the “nucleus of Heart’s Delight Farm,” valued so highly that they were not torn down to make way for new structures, but were instead encapsulated during the remodeling process.


Following the path toward the pasture gate, you leave the original Storehouse built in 1905, which is now the Heritage Exhibit.

Beyond the Storehouse were the two piggeries somewhat concealed behind a hedge. Next on the right was the large Coach Barn (1903) that encompassed the original old homestead barn. Inside, there was a turntable, 12 feet in diameter, that was used to bring buggies in and out. It also held a manager’s office, horse stalls and a buggy wash.


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